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Hidden Potential

Jasmine transforms homes from cookie-cutter to custom through clever design to make each house as individual as the people who live there.


California builder and designer Jasmine Roth is on a mission to make sure not all suburban homes look the same. Jasmine transforms builder-basic houses into custom dream homes by giving them features that stand out from the crowd.

Episode 1: Welcome Home

Episode 2: #sexystorage

Episode 3: A House for the Girl Gang

Episode 4: Fence Bench

Episode 5: Beige to Beautiful

Episode 6: This One’s a Home Run

Episode 7: The Original Cookie Cutter House

Episode 8: You Guys Need a Retreat

Episode 9: Do You Want a Puppy Palace?

Episode 10: Super Beachy

Episode 11: It’s My Dream Home Now

Episode 12: Story Book Home No More

Episode 13: We Have The Prettiest House On The Block

Episode 14: Our Little Sunset Sitting Area

Episode 15: Respect The Tiki

Episode 16: I Can’t Believe This Is Our House

Episode 17: Slice of Heaven