The Pryor House

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The Pryor House: Inspired By The Sea

Michelle has been renting outside of town for many years and she’s finally ready to make homeownership a reality for herself. She has an all-in budget of $170,000 and a wish list that includes a master bathroom with a big bathtub and a room with ample space to entertain her family and friends. Ben and Erin show her two homes in town: The Parsley House, an adorable 1940s ranch in the historic district with unique windows and ample space to entertain or the Dubose House, an 1890 Victorian with a fenced in back yard and stunning porch. Ben and Erin capitalize on the charm of the house and design a “Nantucket” inspired kitchen, a stunning master suite and breathtaking family room.


Soffit | Facia | Windows | Columns : SW7564 Polar Bear Sherwin Williams

All Brick | Siding:  SW7068 Grizzle Gray Sherwin Williams

Front Door: SW6212 Quietude Sherwin Williams

Porch Ceiling: SW6205 Comfort Gray Sherwin Williams


Can Lights Sunbelt Lighting

Hardware: RS-05EM-4212X Melrose w/ Waverly Knob Oil Rubbed Bronze House of Antique Hardware

4 Rocking Chairs Lowe’s

Two White Flowering Potted Plants Laurel Nursery 

Welcome Mat Target


Walls: OC 43 Overcast Benjamin Moore 

Ceiling | Trim | Windows | Doors: SW7551 Greek Villa Sherwin Williams


Carpet on stairs I LVT City Home Center

Ceiling Fan: Caratuk Lowe’s

‘Sailing Around Trees’ by Charles Guess Caron Gallery

Sofa I Two White Arm Chairs Lott Furniture

Coffee Table Wood Workings

American Flag Artwork Renaissance Interiors

Aztec Lumbar Pillow | 2 Blue Macrame Pillows | Floral Pillows World Market 

Floor Lamp Target

White Ceramic Bench Table Decor  Southern Antiques 

Sansevieria Plant in White PotLaurel Nursey 

Drapery Pier 1

Drapery Hardware Lowe’s 

2 Pink Patterned Throw Pillows World Market

Blue Heron Print Laurel Mercantile 

Blue Carved Wood Wall Art | Green Carved Wood Wall Art Southern Antiques


Walls: OC 43 Overcast Benjamin Moore

Ceiling | Trim | Windows | Doors: SW7551 Greek Villa Sherwin Williams

Sconces | Chandelier Sunbelt Lighting


Flooring: FIRMFIT CW2290 MOKA City Home Center


Drapery Pier 1

Drapery Hardware Lowe’s

Square Dining Table I 4 Upholstered Dining Chairs Southern Antiques

Set of 2 Botanical Prints Renaissance Interiors

Glasses I Dishes I Blue & Gray Vase Southern Living by Dillards

Silverware I Gray Stripped Cloth Napkins  Dillards by Noble Excellence 

“Misty Morning” by Ali Stayer The Caron Gallery

Buffet/Console Table Wood Workings

Mercury Glass I Row Boat painting by Lisa Southern Antiques

“A Room for Violet” by Lauren Dunn The Caron Gallery

Palm in White Laurel Nursery


Walls: OC 43 Overcast Benjamin Moore

Ceiling | Trim | Windows I Doors: SW7551 Greek Villa Sherwin Williams

Upper Cabinets I Base Cabinets: SW7011 Natural Choice Sherwin Williams

Appliances (all from B&S Appliance)

Gas Slide in Range: FFGS3026TS

Vent Hood Insert: PB390

Microwave: FFMO1611LS52

Microwave Trim Kit: FFMOTK27LS

Cabinets | Countertops | Hardware | Tile | Flooring

Flooring: LVT FIRMFIT CW2290 MOKA City Home Center

Tile: CEVICA BRITE CREME 3X6 City Home Center

Door Profile: 501X Square Double Vertical  Morgan Bros.

Cabinets Davis and Cooke

Hardware: Pulls & Knobs House of Antique Hardware

Countertops: Granite / Leather Absolute Black Stoneworks


Sink: K-5479-5U-0 RIVERBY Kohler

Faucet:K-76519-4-SN ARTIFACTS Kohler

Sconce Light over sink | Can Lights Sunbelt Lighting


‘Coral Tulips’ by Lauren Dunn Caron Gallery

White Fruit Bowl | Cream Plates Dillards by Noble Excellence

Soap Dispenser | 3 small herbs | Cookbook | Cookbook Holder Walmart

Wood Cutting Board | White Utensil Holder Tuesday Mornings

Set of 3 Cannisters World Market

Dessert Tier Tray Southern Antiques


Walls: OC 43 Overcast Benjamin Moore

Ceiling | Trim | Windows | Doors: SW7551 Greek Villa Sherwin Williams

Back of Built ins: SW9135 Whirlpool Sherwin Williams

Cabinetry | Hardware | Flooring | Lighting

4 New Cabinet Doors with glass Morgan Brothers

Hardware: Cabinet Knobs House of Antique Hardware

Door: Full Light Lowe’s

Door Hardware House of Antique Hardware

Ceiling Fan: Caratuk Lowe’s

Can Lights Sunbelt Lighting

Flooring LVT: FIRMFIT CW2290 MOKACity Home Center


‘Calm Waters’ by Jaqueline Ellens Caron Gallery

Metal Crane Statue | 2 Cable Knit Lumbar Pillows | 2 Natural Stripe Pillows Shotgun Design Group

‘Landscape’, ‘Beaches’, Small Heron Canvas Print Laurel Mercantile

‘Blossoms |’ & ‘Blossoms I|’ by Ginny Futvoye Caron Gallery

White Coral |I Silver Plate | Trophy | Dog Figurine | White Bookend | Boxwood Topiary | Pottery Bowl | Agate | Jar of shells | Fox figurine | Magnifying Glass Southern Antiques

Succulents in Terracotta Pots I Small green & Pink plant | Set of 3 Succulents in planter | Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant | Palm Plant in White Plant Laurel Nursery

White Metal Fruit Bowl Tuesday Mornings

Custom Wood Bookcase Scotsman

Set of 2 Lanterns | 2 Blue Damask Pillows | Solid Blue Pillow | 2 Floral Pillows | Plaid Ottoman | Set of 2 Blue Vases I Wood buffet with glass doors Dillards by Southern Living

Stair Tread Cover Oak Valley Designs

2 Tan Fabric Baskets Walmart

Green Coffee Mugs | White Dishes | White Coffee Mugs | White Bowls | Dishes in buffet | Cream Dishes I Black Silverware I Cloth Napkins Dillards by Noble Excellence

Duck Print on canvas Laurel Mercantile

Sectional Sofa I Striped Swivel Chair Todays Furniture

Pink Aztek Pillow World Market

Coffee Table Wood Workings

Pheasant I Set of 2 Feather Sculptures Target

Off White & Blue Traditional 9 X 12 Rug | Black Metal Dining Chairs | White Lamp Lott Furniture

Antique Barley Twist Side Table Renaissance Interiors

White Sheer Drapery Ikea

Drapery Rods Lowe’s

Black & White Flat Basket Pier 1



Walls: SW0052 Pearl Gray Sherwin Williams

Ceiling I Trim I Doors I Windows:SW7551 Greek Villa Sherwin Williams


Walls: SW0052 Pearl Gray Sherwin Williams

Ceiling | Trim | Doors: SW7551 Greek Villa Sherwin Williams

Vanity: SW0055 Light French Gray Sherwin Williams

Plumbing | Lighting | Tile


Ceiling Fan: Caratuk Lowe’s

Carpet: KRAUS MIDTOWN 220615 City Home Center


Can Lights I Can/Vent Combo I Vanity Light Sunbelt Lighting

Tile: Alameda Satin White City Home Center

Tub & Drain: K-838-0 Kohler

Shower Head & Tub Faucet: K-TS10582-4-SN Kohler

Shower Panels Lowe’s

Shower Door: K-707000-L-SHP Kohler

Toilet: K-3589-0 CIMARRON Kohler

Vanity Davis and Cooke

Vanity top (including sink): K-2891-8-G81 Kohler

Faucet: K-10577-4-SN Kohler

Mirror Home Depot

Toilet Paper Holder: K-11415-SN Kohler

Towel bar: K-11411-SN Kohler

Cabinet Knobs & Pulls House of Antique Hardware



Window Shades Shotgun Design Group

Drapery Bed Bath & Beyond

Drapery Rod Lowe’s

Dresser Hooker Furniture

Navy Blue & White Lamp Lott Furniture

‘White Lamps’ by Ginny Futvoye’ Caron Gallery

Bed Scotsman

Blue Vases Framed Print I Oriental Toile Pillow I Green Velvet Pillow I “French Landscape” Laurel Mercantile

1 Drawer Night Stand I 3 Drawer Night Stand Lott Furniture

Blue Bedding Dillards by Southern Living

Gray Throw Dillards by Noble Excellence

2 Blue & White Lamps Target

Mercury Glass Orb Southern Antiques

2 Round Bird Prints Renaissance Interiors


Carved Wood Wall Art Southern Antiques

Lavender Soap I Bath Salts Tuesday Mornings

Soap Dispenser Target

Towels Dillards by Nobel Excellence

Bath Mats Walmart