It’s not hard to find someone to sell you a show. It’s hard to find someone to deliver a great one. RTR is that someone.


RTR Media is an established content company based in Toronto, Canada with productions all across North America and distributed around the world. We create content for broadcast channels, their social platforms and direct to viewers through our YouTube Channel, CORAL TV.


Kit Redmond, President is a 30-year media veteran with experience on both the broadcast and production side and award-winning Executive Producer and trainer.


Toni Miceli, Chief Executive Officer oversees all financial, legal and administrative matters (the fun stuff!). Toni has an impressive track record in production management, and making sure productions deliver on time and on budget.

Jenna Keane, Chief Creative Officer, has been producing and developing since sponge painting was cool. Jenna oversees RTR’s creative from inception to delivery and has worked as an Exec in both broadcast and production.

Ask around, people love what we make and love making it with us

Kit Redmond


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Toni Miceli

Chief Executive Officer

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Jenna Keane

Chief Creative Officer

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RTR Media
10 Brentcliffe Road, unit 212
Toronto, ON
(416) 421-7161